How To Make Your Wedding More Sustainable

In 2019 we saw sustainable weddings surge in popularity according to Pinterest search analytics. Consumer behaviour is changing – and scaling back weddings to be green is at the forefront of this shift.

Now in 2020, many of those once-accepted impacts on our environment are deemed something worth changing, and planners, designers, caterers, florists, brides, and grooms are all seeking a gentler and more sustainable approach.

We’re all for helping the earth—and you can do it without sacrificing your budget, vision, ethics or style. Say “I do” in a greener way. Read on for ideas on executing an environmentally and socially conscious event.

Rethink Your Dress

Sustainability is modern, and while it seems frivolous and dismissive to call it a trend, it’s definitely a topic on our radar. When shopping for a dress, why not consider a two-piece set that could be worn in the future as a sweet momento, separately. A vintage dress could be an opulent option or look to our local designers. Slow fashion, locally and thoughtfully made, not only reduces your footprint but supports Australian designers and our economy. We can’t think of a better reason to shop sustainably than that. When shopping for accessories, incorporating family heirlooms or special items already in your possession cuts down on consumption and can count as “something old” if adhering to tradition. A nod to your heritage as you stroll towards your future.



Eco-friendly Venue

Your choice of wedding venue is generally the single biggest factor in determining just how environmentally friendly your wedding really is. Cut down energy consumption by having your wedding outside in a beautiful botanical garden, a lush forest, rolling hills, or glamourous beach destination (even if it’s just your local beach). The plus side? All the natural light will result in unforgettable photographs. If you’re more interested in an indoor ceremony, consider having the reception in the same place to avoid any extra travel.

Venue: Poets Lane

Venue: Tatra Receptions

Venue: Rochford Wines

Future-friendly Florist

While a lavish display of flowers can be the cornerstone of a beautiful wedding, there are some factors you should consider when being eco-conscious. Where did they come from? Are they organic? All these questions should be asked when crafting the perfect eco-friendly wedding bouquet. Another option instead of cut flowers is to showcase planted blooms that will live long past your wedding day. If cut flowers are a must, consider whether the flowers can be repurposed after your big day or consider donating the beautiful blooms to local rest homes or hospitals. A poignant way to extend your special day and make someone else’s.

Thoughtful Menu

The most eco-friendly option is to choose a local catering company that sources its produce and other supplies locally, and then tailor your menu to the foods available seasonally. Locally sourced veggies and fruit through the farm-to-table movement is an easy way to support local growers and ensure fresh and flavourful food while lowering fuel costs. If you are vegetarian or vegan, a plant-based menu is an obvious option to tread lightly and reduce impact. It goes without saying, but avoid single-use plastic like cutlery and glasses and rent linen tablecloths and napkins to reduce waste.

Caterer: Bursaria

Caterer: Bursaria

Caterer: Bursaria

Whether you’re making small changes or having a completely eco-friendly wedding, every little detail can make a major impact on the environment. These days, planning an eco-friendly wedding is more accessible than ever and can be modern and chic. Remember, it’s cool to be kind (to the environment). Did you have a sustainable wedding or are planning on it? Comment below to tell us more!

Eve – Sydney Bridal Fashion Hub
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